Improvement 2022

As the new owners of the building, we are committed to making the residences a safe and inviting place to live.

We are currently in the process of completing a comprehensive list of changes/updates that will elevate the quality of living.

Please see below for the entire list of changes:

  1. We are repainting the studios and all the common areas
  2. New laundry machines and dryers have been bought and installed
  3. Each and every studio will undergo an intense professional cleaning
  4. New flooring will be installed in several key areas
  5. All flooring will be stripped and polished
  6. New appliances, new toilets, new showers, new windows and window treatments (including screens) will be installed where needed
  7. CLEANLINESS is paramount. We are therefore fumigating the entire building to absolve it of ALL insects
  8. New high-tech security cameras will be installed on every floor
  9. The entrance and exit doors will be replaced
  10. A new garbage collection company has been hired with increased collection capacity
  11. A new manager will be on site every day and available for questions
  12. There will be a live-in custodian to ensure maintenance

We look forward to meeting you at your new home at 1300 Ducas.